Underground Contractors Association of IL
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Reasons to Join UCA

Industry Reputation 
UCA works diligently to improve our industry’s reputation by providing training, seminars and safety programs. Owners and general contractors respect the UCA membership as leaders of the industry.

Expanded Horizons
UCA creates opportunities for members to attend regional seminars on emerging technologies and current construction issues.

  • Networking Opportunities with UCA are limitless. Not only are there various and numerous events throughout the year, but UCA members interact with other associations, political leaders and the media.
  • UCA promotes and coordinates attendance at several symposiums and industry-related conferences and exhibits throughout the year.
  • UCA plans regional industry discussion groups annually. Topics include: Design Build, Trench Technology, and Safety Procedures.

National & Statewide Presence 
UCA bridges the gap between local and national politics to provide the best voice on governmental issues in the utility and underground construction industry. 

  • Issues include: infrastructure, workers compensation, project labor agreements, ergonomics, occupational health standards, differing site conditions, bonding, Design Build and emerging construction problems.
  • UCA and its representatives meet with municipalities, private developers and owners to discuss and resolve issues.

Labor Relations 
UCA creates opportunities for members to attend regional seminars on emerging technologies and current construction issues.

  • UCA members volunteer to work on Mid-American Regional Bargaining Associations (MARBA) negotiating committees. These committees provide the industry with the most advantageous labor contracts for its members.
  • UCA members assist other members challenged by labor issues. Members work to resolve grievances while learning from each other’s experience.

Educational Opportunities
UCA has a Continuing Educational program consisting of seminars and hands-on training. Members can discuss important business and technology issues in an affordable and professional setting with noted industry experts. This program promotes industry professionalism and improves your company’s bottom line.

Safety Leader
 UCA has developed safety programs in conjunction with other industry leaders.

  • Safety/Risk Management Program Book and CD customized to your company’s needs
  • Safety videos and pamphlets in easy-to-use, updated format.
  • UCA coordinates with the Construction Safety Council (CSC) to provide discounted training sessions and seminars at your location, providing current information and updates on regulatory standards.
Industry Standards

UCA joins other agencies to develop industry guidelines such as “Standard Specifications for Water & Sewer Main Construction in Illinois.

Membership Services 
UCA searches continuously to find products and discounts that serve our members.

  • UCA has interactive communication with industry leaders, municipalities, consulting engineers, and owners.
  • UCA is developing website links with various agencies that provide critical information to assist members in identifying solutions for their construction projects.
  • UCA provides developers and municipalities with lists of available respected contract members for project consideration.
Legal Services

Members are offered one hour of “pro bono” legal advice. When you are in a tough situation and unsure which way to turn, this available legal consultation can prove to be a significant membership benefit. Customer Service UCA is here to serve YOU! Your questions are answered quickly and completely. We care about our members. That’s why we’re more solid than ever after 45 years!