Underground Contractors Association of IL
1051 Perimeter Dr. Suite 1075 · Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: 630-467-1919 · Fax: 630-773-4873

UCA Vision

To be the foundation of a stronger Illinois construction industry where the seeds of innovation begin underground.


To serve and advance the Underground Industry and our members, who provide quality utility installation for the citizens of Illinois, following the highest legal, moral and ethical standards.

Values Statement

As a UCA member you should aspire to accept certain industry responsibilities, adhere to acceptable business principles in matters of personal conduct, and exhibit a high degree of personal integrity at all times. This not only involves sincere respect for the rights of others but also demands that both in your business and in your personal life you refrain from any behavior that might be harmful to you, your co-workers, UCA, or that might be viewed unfavorably by potential members or by the public at large.


We advocate members participate in UCA meetings by focusing on what is in the best interest of Illinois’s underground construction industry and not their personal corporate and/or individual interests.

We advocate the highest ethical conduct in all we do.

We advocate inclusion and embrace the differences of members and prospective members. We want them to bring new ideas, concerns, and a respected voice to the association because we value diverse input.

We advocate that members lead when meeting other members and with other associations, owners, developers and the general population of Illinois. We advocate that they set the professional example and are seen at various industry meetings, events, and gatherings.

We advocate that once a UCA committee, task force, or Board makes a decision all members support that decision whether it is in their personal interest or not. Conversely, the entire membership should support members in need provided their position/issue is within UCA’s values.

We advocate that all Members’ voices be heard before making a decision.


Committees will annually brief the Board of Directors in person and the membership through the newsletter:

  • Create or revise purpose/mission statement
  • List & prioritize their goals (from list below)
  • Identify necessary resources to accomplish the items
  • Present “Critical Success Indicators” for each item; what gets measured; gets done,
  • Set intermediary goals and establish timelines
  • List staff and volunteer requirements
  • Present justification for budget revenue and salaried personnel


UCA members and staff strive to continue developing this dynamic operational plan.  Participants identified the goals -the committees  determine feasibility, priority and allocate resources of people, time and money to reach goals.